Commercial Lighting Maintenance In The Coachella Valley

  • Repair & Maintain Your Lighting
  • Enhance Energy Efficiency
  • Get Energy-Saving Solutions

Services for Your Commercial Lighting System

Lighting plays an important role in establishing a productive and comfortable work environment. Commercial lighting also keeps your business safe and secure at night by warding off intruders. When your building’s lighting starts to flicker and malfunction, the experts at SoCal Electrical & Lighting are ready to help. We provide fast and professional commercial lighting maintenance services in the Coachella Valley area. Call our Palm Springs office now at 760-699-2686!

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Save Money With Commercial Lighting Maintenance

Professional lighting maintenance is a key component to keeping your system working in tip-top condition. SoCal Electrical & Lighting provides top-quality commercial lighting maintenance services tailored to your needs. See what previous customers say in our reviews!


With regular maintenance, you’ll be able to stay ahead of pesky malfunctions and inconveniences. Our commercial lighting contractors will take the time to analyze every aspect of your commercial lighting system and promptly repair any signs of damage. Regular maintenance allows you to maximize your lighting system’s performance and reliability.


From the ground, it can be difficult to see all of the dust, debris, and other particles that are accumulating on your building’s lighting system. With professional maintenance, you’ll enhance your building’s overall appearance and cleanliness.


Don’t wait until you’ve wasted energy or money to finally install necessary upgrades. Our team will be able to inform you of any helpful upgrades that can enhance your system’s energy efficiency and overall performance.

Request an Estimate for Lighting Maintenance

At SoCal Electrical & Lighting, we strive to provide business owners with fast and reliable commercial lighting maintenance services. We’ll even offer you a Wallet Protection Plan to help you get the most out of your service!

Schedule lighting maintenance services today by filling out our online contact form. Or give us a call today at 760-699-2686. We look forward to working with you!