Electrical Panel Upgrades In The Coachella Valley

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  • Stop Circuit Breaker Tripping
  • Improve Safety & Prevent Fires
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Keep Up With Modern Electrical Demands

Did you know you should upgrade your electrical panel if it’s over 30 years old? The older your home is, the older the panel is, and the more it will struggle to keep up with modern electrical demands. Upgrading your electrical panel keeps your electrical system working in tip-top condition and prevents a dangerous burst of electricity. For fast and professional electrical panel upgrade services, contact SoCal Electrical & Lighting today!

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Do You Need a Service Panel Upgrade?

From rust to wiring issues, time can wreak havoc on your electrical panel. Many signs may indicate it’s time for a panel replacement. If you’ve experienced any of the issues below, give us a call as soon as possible to avoid additional electrical and safety issues.

Flickering Lights

If your lights seem to be constantly flickering or dimming, you may be dealing with faulty wiring. Because faulty wires can lead to fire hazards, you should address your electrical panel’s malfunctions as soon as possible.

You Plan to Install a New Appliance

Large appliances that use a lot of energy will likely require an electrical panel upgrade. Older, worn-down panels can’t provide the proper amount of power that new appliances need. To maximize your appliance’s performance, you should install an enhanced electrical panel capable of providing greater power amps.

Your System Still Has Fuses

While fuses still work well to prevent short circuits and overloads, they should be replaced with circuit breakers. Circuit breakers are easier to handle and reset than fuses. Additionally, fuses pose a higher risk of fire hazards. By upgrading your electrical panel wiring, you’ll be able to establish a simpler and safer system.

Sparking Power Outlets

It probably comes as no surprise that sparking outlets point to an electrical issue. If you’re noticing your power outlets sparking or becoming discolored, it may be time for an electrical panel upgrade.

Contact Coachella Valley’s Trusted Electrician

When your electrical panel isn’t serving your home anymore, call up the experts at SoCal Electrical & Lighting. As a woman-owned company, we always strive to provide our customers with honest and professional service at all times.

Don’t put your home at risk of a faulty electrical panel – contact SoCal for expert electrical services today at 760-699-2686.