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Installed for Peace of Mind

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are a necessity for every home. To ensure that they’ve been installed properly – or to install them during new construction or remodeling – always contact your local electrician. Where the detectors are placed in your home is crucial, which is just one of many reasons a professional should take care of the job.

For quick and reliable smoke and carbon monoxide detector installation near Palm Springs, contact SoCal Electrical & Lighting! Not only will we securely install your new detectors, but we’ll also provide you with expert guidance and assistance with any maintenance requests. Talk to one of our experienced electricians about your detector needs today by calling 760-699-2686!

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Why Call a Pro for Smoke Detector Installation?

There are many reasons to have your smoke and carbon monoxide detector professionally installed by your local electricians.

Different Detectors Require Different Placement

Did you know there are two different types of smoke detectors? Ionization detectors sense fires with large flames, such as the fires that result from stovetops. Alternatively, photoelectric detectors indicate when lower, smoldering fires are present. Our experienced electricians will know the best rooms and areas for each type of smoke detector to maximize your home’s security and protection.

Proper Installation

What good is a detector that can’t detect small fires or carbon monoxide? When these devices are poorly or installed incorrectly, it can put your family at risk of injury or death. Leave the installation to the pros. We’ll accurately and securely install 10-year sealed smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to keep your home and family safe at all times.

Don’t Overlook Carbon Monoxide Detectors

While fires are big, bright, and obvious threats to your home, the danger of carbon monoxide should not be overlooked. Even if they aren’t mandated, you absolutely should have one installed outside all bedrooms, in the basement, and on every other level. Even a small amount of CO can be life threatening over time. We can make sure your detectors are connected securely and maintained when needed.

Contact SoCal to Install Your 10-Year Smoke Alarms

At SoCal Electrical & Lighting, our electricians recommend 10-year sealed smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, which are powered by batteries with a 10-year lifespan. As an optional feature, we can add a bridge to allow remote alerts from your detectors, so you can always know if there’s an emergency at your home!

Are you ready to enhance your family’s safety and protection? Contact SoCal Electrical & Lighting for professional detector installation services by calling 760-699-2686 or filling out our fast and simple contact form here!