Title 24

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Maintain Your Title 24 Requirements

Title 24 is a California Building Standards code that impacts a commercial building’s electrical systems. The requirements outlined in Title 24 are designed to maximize commercial buildings’ energy conservation and encourage eco-friendly designs. This regulation requires lighting and electrical systems to comply with certain standards. However, ensuring that your building complies with Title 24 isn’t always an easy task to the nonexpert. If you need professional Title 24 guidance and electrical system installation services, contact SoCal Electrical & Lighting today!

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How SoCal Can Help Your Building Meet Title 24 Requirements

The way Title 24 impacts a business’s electrical system is widely based on the building size, type, and rooms. SoCal Electrical & Lighting will utilize our expertise to determine how your building can stay within the Title 24 requirements. We’ll perform a thorough and detailed inspection of your building and provide you with a comprehensive report on our findings.

Our team of qualified electricians will provide you with an effective plan that will make your building Title 24-approved. From interior lighting to exterior fixtures, we’ll focus on every detail of your building’s electrical systems. You can feel confident knowing that your commercial building meets all of the rules and requirements.

To set up an appointment with our trained electricians, contact us online, or call our Palm Springs office today at 760-699-2686.