EV Charging Station installation In The Coachella Valley

  • Find the Right Charger for Your Needs
  • Get Expert EV Charger Installation
  • Charge Your Vehicle Faster
  • Ensure Safe EV Charger Operation

Charge at Home With EV Charger Installation

Want a quicker, more efficient charging option for your electric vehicle? SoCal Electrical & Lighting is ready to sit down with you to find a charging solution that suits your specific needs. Whether your charging station is already installed or not, we’ll make sure everything is connected properly and assess whether there’s a need for a new dedicated circuit or an upgrade to your electrical system. Give us a call today at 760-699-2686!

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Find the Best Charger for Your Electric Vehicle

Did you know you have multiple electric vehicle chargers to choose from? A Level 1 charging station has limited power and a slower charge, but the installation is quick and simple. Level 2 charging stations offer a faster EV recharge, but require a certain amount of power supply to operate. That installation process is also much more complex and involved.

Knowing which charger is best for your EV isn’t always straightforward. Allow us to help! Our electrical experts will talk you through the various charging systems available and share our recommendations based on your vehicle and preferences. Then we’ll work quickly to get your charger up and running so you can make full use of that energy-saving car!

Enjoy Faster EV Charging

Your electric vehicle’s charger requires a certain amount of power to charge efficiently. If your home is an insufficient power source, you’ll notice your vehicle charges very slowly. Our electricians can inspect your equipment and home electrical system and provide you with a thorough report of our findings and recommendations to improve charging speed, safety, and efficiency.

Get Professional EV Charger Installation & Ongoing Assistance

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of scheduling service with a professional electrician for your electric vehicle charger is the reassurance that your system is installed with precision and accuracy. From proper cable lengths to secure system mounting and wire connections, we take the time to install each component of your EV charging station securely so you can feel confident in your system’s performance and reliability.

After your EV charger install, we are still here to help! Let us know if you want any information about how to use the charger, its features, and possible maintenance, and we’ll make sure to continue the conversation!

Contact SoCal Electrical & Lighting for Expert EVSE Charger Installation

Every component of electric vehicle supply equipment (ESVE) is essential to your vehicle’s operation, which is why it’s critical to properly install each component. It’s just as important to know which charge level is best for your EV’s requirements. By putting your installation needs in the hands of an expert, you’ll experience a variety of benefits.

Maximize your electric vehicle’s performance with a professional charger installation service by SoCal! Our experienced electricians are known for five-star installation services! Give us a call now at 760-699-2686, or connect with us online to get started.