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Prevent Fires With Arc Fault Detection

Arc fault circuit breakers are essential for California home and business owners, allowing you to prevent fires caused by electrical wiring problems. These devices detect electric arcs and break the circuit before potentially dangerous heat and sparks develop. For professional arc fault circuit breaker installation in the Coachella Valley area, contact SoCal Electrical & Lighting today!

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How an Arc Fault Circuit Breaker Works

In the US, arc faults are a leading cause of house fires. An arc fault occurs when an unintentional electrical discharge happens. One example would be the discharge created by a nail puncturing a wire behind a wall, releasing a small electrical current leak that gets hotter over time. Because arc faults generate high heat, surrounding materials like insulation and wood can easily catch fire.

Arc fault circuit breakers detect dangerous electrical arcs before they start sparking and producing a fire. Upon indicating an arc fault, the breaker immediately shuts down the circuit. Arc fault circuit breakers are recommended based on research about how home fires start and how to best prevent them. Give us a call at 760-699-2686 to learn more!

Call SoCal for Circuit Breaker Installation in Coachella Valley

Protect your home and belongings from an unexpected fire with arc fault circuit breakers! Our team of qualified electricians will securely and precisely install your device so you can feel more confident about your safety and your electrical system. Request an estimate today!