Undergrounding In The Coachella Valley

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Underground Electrical Service Conversions

Is your property in need of an underground power system? Leave the installation process to the experts at SoCal Electrical & Lighting! We’ll take the time to ensure all aspects of your underground electrical service conversions are installed with precision and accuracy. Whether you’re in need of telecommunications or an underground power source, we’ll assist you with securely burying power lines and precisely installing new electrical systems. Contact SoCal today!

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The Benefits of Underground Power Lines

Undergrounding is an increasingly popular electrical installation among property owners. Its growing popularity can be attributed to the several benefits it provides.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Twisted, cluttered wires can be an eyesore on your landscape and outdoor area. By making the switch to underground power options, you’ll be able to clean up the area and switch the focus back to trees, nature, and other outdoor aesthetics.

Fewer Outages & Less Maintenance

Between high winds, weather storms, and falling trees, above-ground wiring systems can become easily damaged, potentially causing a power outage. Because of the various sources that can damage wires, consistent repairs and maintenance is a necessity. By opting for undergrounding, you can minimize power outages and enjoy a lower maintenance system.

Enhanced Safety

It’s no secret that exposed wires pose a threat to passersby and nearby residents. From fire hazards to unforeseen accidents, there are many reasons why installing underground power and telecommunication systems is a safer option than above-ground wiring.

If you’re interested in further enhancing home safety, check out our services for backup generators, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and surge protection!

Contact Your Local Undergrounding Electricians

At SoCal Electrical & Lighting, we strive to provide you with five-star electrical services to enhance your day-to-day life. We bring unmatched undergrounding experience and expertise so that you can feel confident in your new system’s installation and performance. To get started with a professional inspection, please connect with us online or call our Palm Springs office today at 760-699-2686.